Articles In Print

Published articles by Lee Wedlake, Jr.

These are also published as a collection in Further Insights into Kenpo.

Inside Kung Fu, Feb 1982, "How to Judge Kenpo Forms"

Inside Kung Fu, Jan. 1983, "Checking Concepts from Kenpo"

Inside Kung Fu, June 1983, "The Elbow"

1983 Masters Self Defense Guide, "The Weight Training Way to Martial Power"

Inside Kung Fu, Aug. 1984 "The Knee"

Black Belt, Aug.1984, Executive Security International,
"The Ultimate in Bodyguard Training"

Inside Kung Fu, Dec. 1984, "Fight with your fingers, Devastating
self defense tactics"

Inside Kung Fu, Feb. 1985 "Tournament Tag V. Street Survival"

Inside Kung Fu, Aug. 1985, "Secrets of Kenpo Footwork"

Karate Illustrated, Feb. 1986, "Budweiser National Karate Team"

Inside Kung Fu, Jul. 1987, "Kenpo Vs. Eskrima"

Inside Kung Fu, Jul. 1987, "American Kenpo goes to Europe"

Black Belt, Apr. 1990, " Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate System"

Black Belt, Apr. 1991, "The Life and Times of Ed Parker"

Karate International, Feb. 1992, "Brace Yourself"

Inside Kung Fu, Nov. 1993, "Kenpo, Kenpo Everywhere"

Black Belt, Sept. 1997, "The Nine Golden Rules of Kenpo"

Martial Arts Professional, Apr. 2000," How to Launch a Tai C’hi program
in your school"

Black Belt , August 2001
"AFTERMATH"; The State of Kenpo a Decade after ED PARKER

Sept/Oct 2009 issue Journal of Asian Martial Arts "The carotid choke"

In Books

The preface to Ed Parker’s Infinite Insights Into Kenpo, Vol., 3, was written
by Mr. Wedlake.

May 2000, KENPO KARATE 101, What the Beginner and the
Black Belt should know

The Collected Articles of Lee Wedlake

Sept. 2002 Kenpo Karate 201 The Basic and Exercise Forms

February 2006 Kenpo Karate 301, Short Form Three and Long Form Three

The Journey – biographies of 24 of the most proficient Kenpo practitioners in the United States

March 2007, Kenpo Karate 401, Form 4

November 2007 Kenpo Karate 501, Form 5

2008 Kenpo Karate 601, Form 6

January 2009 Lessons with Ed Parker