Mr. Wedlake’s Seminar Information and Schedule


 PDS series
Lee Wedlake’s Professional Development Seminars (PDS) are one-day, small-group working seminars and limited to 26 students of any rank. The seminars are termed “Professional Development” in that participation will sharpen and enhance the skills of all involved regardless of whether or not you do martial arts as a vocation or avocation. You do not have to take these in any particular order, or feel that you missed out. The subjects will come around in the rotation again. There’s a tremendous amount of information available through this series, so you’ll see things offered more than once. See the calendar below for the specific dates, subjects. Here is a link for my subject catalog that you can select from for your seminar event.
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Here’s what they’ve been saying.

Dear Mr. Wedlake,
It was my pleasure to attend your first Personal Development Seminar on
Kenpo. I personally received more technical information in 6 hours with
you today than I could have received attending years of Kenpo
seminars that unfortunately are usually all Kenpo “fluff”, [fast, flashy, looks-cool-to-do, kenpo stuff].
I will be able to take what I received today and greatly enhance material that I already have. I look forward to attending more of your PDS series.
Timothy Walker, PSTD
American Kenpo Karate University, Inc.
Branford, FL

Mr Wedlake !
…as always your instructions are yet to be matched by any other instructors I have worked with in the past.
You’ve been a great inspiration in my furthering my education in the art of Ed Parker’s Kenpo. Thank you for being a great friend and instructor.

Your Brother,
Ed Cabrera
Tampa, FL

Professor Wedlake,
Thank you for the great seminars that you conducted here at Cromwell Martial Arts. After the kid’s session, several parents remarked that they were “mesmerized” watching you teach and my daughter wanted to know when you are coming back!
Your sessions on gun defenses and the structure of Kenpo were very professional, insightful, and had just the right mix of theory and hands on.

My students and I look forward to our next seminar with you!
Sensei Frank Shekosky
Middletown, CT