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This subscription service for practitioners of the arts is written primarily for Kenpoists, but is applicable to any martial artist. The articles are both timely and timeless, meaning they will cover what’s new as well as what’s been in the system since it was created.

Both student and instructors will benefit from these pages. Mr. Wedlake has been practicing martial arts since 1967 and is an instructor in Parker Kenpo, Yang tai-chi and Russian Systema, along with being experienced in many other arts.

A monthly article is posted and some of the subjects covered will be methods of teaching and learning, how to dig out buried information, technical breakdowns, Kenpo history, basics, and some editorial opinion (though that’s going to be minimal). The goal is to help you get more out of your art as a teacher or student. I have some interesting material posted. Portions of a Kenpo Instructor’s Handbook is here, and it’s being expanded all the time.

Mr. Wedlake,
I just wanted to tell you that I am enjoying and learning from the articles that you are posting on your site. I am glad I joined.
R.D. Indiana

This is going to grow over time and we’d like your comments to help us do that. Got a suggestion for an article, or a question about one? Drop us a line. Professor Wedlake has written nine books and numerous magazine articles, as well as his studio’s monthly newsletter. He knows how to communicate and we’re sure you are going to find these articles enjoyable and useful. It’s $29 a year.