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Distanced from your teacher but still want to progress? Do you have questions about how you’re doing and want or need guidance from a senior instructor? This is for you! Sometimes you’re better than you think and having an outside opinion will verify you’re on the right track. This is NOT a belt program; you won’t get a rank through e-mail. You can get personalized instruction from Lee Wedlake via video. Here’s how it works. Shoot a 4-6 minute video of yourself doing what it is you want critiqued. It does not need to be at lightning speed although fast execution will often reveal how mechanics go awry with too much speed. These clips can be solo, with a partner or both. These will not be posted, they are private and they won’t be returned. Once received, I will review the video and develop a written report for you. It will include your strong and weak points with recommendations for ways to improve performance where needed. Get your camera out or borrow one. Use a camera that is designed for web videos for best results. Make sure you’re in screen and consider shooting from two angles so you can show what it is you want critiqued. You can ask questions and point out what you need looked at. The report will be sent to you so you can use it as a tool for improvement. Then repeat the process as you move along. How do I get it to you? Send the video by snail mail on a DVD, CD or by the web. Some files are too large to e-mail so think about using www.yousendit.com or something similar that can help you send large files. By mail send it to Lee Wedlake’s Karate, 12451 Metro Pwky #104, Ft. Myers, FL 33907. You can either include a check or money order or send payment by PayPal to lee@leewedlake.com. Web delivery, use the PayPal option. What does it cost? This analysis and report costs $50, about the cost of a seminar or a private lesson. Less than group class tuition at the studio and unique to you. Longer videos will not be accepted. You will be surprised at how much you can put in a short clip. Ready? Let’s get you going!