July 2015 newsletter


Lee Wedlake’s Karate Newsletter                                                     July 2015

What’s here? Online lessons, Ed Parker on Kenpo TV, podcasts

This newsletter is late and a little light on new info but I have some material in the works for August that should make up for it.

Update – KenpoTV I have video of Mr. Parker teaching seminar at my school in Chicago posted on my site. I will have more posted later this month. The videos are of him teaching everything from basics to form and even a nunchaku class. The site is now approved by the Parker family, too.

“It is as impossible to withhold education from the receptive mind as it is impossible to force it upon the unreasoning.” – Agnes Repplierg

Ed Cabrera Boxing Fusion Seminar Fourth degree and Golden Gloves winner, Ed Cabrera, will be teaching his unique blend of Kenpo and Boxing in South Carolina this month. Charleston area, Coastal Kenpo on July 31 and Aug 1st. www.coastalkenpo.com

June Premium Subscriber Article The June article was two subject piece. Every month I post a new article for Premium Subscribers. It’s $29/yr and includes access to everything previously published. Here’s a list. https://kenpotv.com/leewedlake/articles/. Here’s how to subscribe. https://kenpotv.com/leewedlake/join-lwks/

Somebody is Confused I recently read a rant on Facebook, posted by an individual who apparently is a little touchy about their Kenpo lineage. Upset that another local school is now licensed by Kam IV, they went off on a rant about “certified” schools. While making their point, they say there is no such thing as a certified. They proceeded to list their lineage, stating how proud they were to be in it, (I get that), and how their current instructor was ranked by Ed Parker, which makes them legitimate. However, there’s a little flaw in the thinking. The writer neglects to mention that they went on a meteoric rise from 1st black in 2000 to 7th in 2015. They also forget to mention the person they got their 1st degree from and how they went to another lineage for a time where they apparently were promoted as well. In their posting they make it sound like they have been in the same lineage for many years, which just isn’t true. The fact that one gets “certified” for a given rank means that virtually everyone who teaches is a certified and in effect, so is the school. Including this person. Therefore, there IS such a thing as a certified school. They are angry and confused about licensing. The school they attack in their rant is a licensed school, and the instructor is certified as a 5th who’s been at it for 23 years. By that writer’s experience, I guess the licensed school owner is an under-achiever, since he’s “only” a 5th. To top it off they insult the licensed studio by putting Kenpo in quotes, inferring that it’s not really a Kenpo school. This rant I’m writing is due to my being touchy about my lineage as well, that being directly from Ed Parker as a first generation student. I also know the back-story on that writer’s lineage, and for him to attack that licensed school, who is in my lineage, is out of line. ‘nuff said.

“Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty.” – Albert Einstein

Update – Lessons With Me Via The Web My lesson schedule is filling but there are still slots left. I have been teaching via video to individuals and groups. One school has me do an online group class for them quarterly. This is not limited to school owners. You can do it with your desktop, laptop or device. You can schedule a block of either 5 or 10 lessons running about 30-45 minutes each. I can arrange single lessons too, but the block saves money. Here’s what you do. Pick a block of lessons. Schedule a time slot and pay by credit card or PayPal. Select the subject(s) you want/need to cover. Off you go! I’ll send you notes on the lesson by e-mail afterward. If you’re interested, please contact me at lee@leewedlake.com. My schedule is filling, so if you’re interested you should act now. By the way, the protocol would be to make sure it’s ok with your teacher, if you have one.

Upcoming Seminars Details on my page at kenpotv.com/leewedlake/seminars-2 Sept 18-20 AKF Camp, Austin, TX Sept 25-26 Chicago, IL Oct 10 Covington, LA Nov 15-17 Athens, Greece Nov 20-22 Esslingen, Germany See John Sepulveda’s schedule at http://www.akts-js.us/Js%20Seminar%20Schedule.htm

In the online store Ed Parker books, Kenpo Karate and Guide to the Nunchaku, are back in stock. My new t-shirt design is available. “Knuckle sandwiches are free.” Charcoal gray with the Texas fist logo. My newest book, The Kenpo Karate Compendium, is available in my online store. $24.95. I will autograph it for you. A combo deal with Lessons with Ed Parker saves some money, too. I have two copies of Amy Long’s Kenpo Continuum, Vol. 2 book left. A limited number of Lessons with Ed Parker is still available. Should be back up on Amazon in hard copy soon. The e-book is available. Technique manuals, form videos and t-shirts available. Links to Dennis Conatser’s and Bob White’s stores are there, too. https://kenpotv.com/leewedlake/store/

Podcasts I posted new ones recently on my website in the articles section instead of the iTunes page. This is due to problems with the podcastmachine website that links to iTunes, which I’m still working out. They have horrible support and it’s taken months and months to get anywhere. I have over 130 to hear with more coming. Hear them at https://kenpotv.com/leewedlake/articles/ or at http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=381705015

Forty Ways to Less Stress Robert Wallace is one of my 7th degrees. He sends out a free “Daily Dose of Motivation” e-mail. 143 of them! You can get on his e-mail list by contacting him at wallacekenpo@gmail.com. Prof. Wallace also does a string on stress reduction.

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” – Alexandra K.Trenfor

Update – Kenpo Senior Conference May 2016! Steve White and I are selecting some dates that month for the 2016 conference. Location is Austin, TX. I’ll be talking with the hotel soon. Details to come.

WRBBOF I am on the Board of Directors of the World Registry of Black Belts, Organizations and Federations (WRBBOF). It’s run by Barry Moyer in Indiana, whom I have known since the 1980s. The organization is non-political and not a certificate factory. Take a look. http://www.wrbbof.com/

Blog Posts I post some short articles and updates on my site from time to time that you may find to be of interest. Click on Resources, then Articles and you’ll be in. kenpotv.com/leewedlake


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