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November 2015

Private and Group Training Via The Web
I have been teaching via video to individuals and groups. One school has me do an online group class for them quarterly. This is not limited to school owners. You can do it with your desktop, laptop or device. You can schedule a block of either 5 or 10 lessons running about 30-45 minutes each. I can arrange single lessons too, but the block saves money. Here’s what you do.
Pick a block of lessons. Schedule a time slot and pay by credit card or PayPal.
Select the subject(s) you want/need to cover.
Off you go! I’ll send you notes on the lesson by e-mail afterward.
If you’re interested, please contact me at By the way, the protocol would be to make sure it’s ok with your teacher, if you have one.


Recovering from Brain Injury
This was from Brain in the News.

Update – WRBBOF

The World Registry of Black Belts, Organizations and Federations (WRBBOF). Since the sudden passing of the founder, Barry Moyer, the organization has gotten a new director, Hanshi Dwight Holley, and Hanshi Moyer’s daughter is now ready to accept applications. I am a member of the Board of Directors. The organization is non-political and not a certificate factory. Take a look.

Seminar Recaps
New Orleans area – October 10. I was at Danny Sullivan’s Covington Karate Studio for seminars and belt testing. Several students took a step-exam and one was promoted to first black, making her Danny’s first black belt. Seminar subjects included joint locking and flow drills along with some change-ups with standard kick defenses.
Charleston, South Carolina – I was at Nick Dreiling’s Coastal Kenpo Karate on the 24th. Contact manipulation was the subject of three sessions. I used extensions from a variety of belt levels to illustrate the concepts.

Surviving an Active Shooter Event
Tim Walker is one of my black belts and an NRA instructor. He sent this to me, saying he disagrees with a few points but it’s worth watching. The video was produced by the City of Houston, TX. Read the associated article here or go to the video here



With over 1,000 videos on the site, people use it to learn and stay fresh on the material. Many instructors use the site to help them in planning lessons. Some hook it up to a monitor in the class room to illustrate principles in motion. Still others do it live by arranging a session with me via video chat. A week-long trial is $1. The site is licensed by the Parker family.
“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein


Update – AKSC Instructor Certification
There is another delay in getting the certificates. Thanks for your patience.  

Update – Premium Subscriber Article

Every month I post a new article for Premium Subscribers. It’s $29/yr and includes access to everything previously published.  Here’s what has been posted in the last 12 months.
October 2015 – Reacting vs Countering – September 2015 – Eight Considerations Revisited – August 2015 – Sources of power – July 2015 – The “shuns” – June 2015 – In-Person Instruction – May 2015 – Counter-rotation torque – April 2015 – The Hammerlock Series – March 2015 – More on the motion chart and some recent history – February 2015 – Multi-part article – January 2015 – Multiple Definitions – December 2014 – Imagery/Aggression – November 2104 – Guns/Motion Chart/ Attention – Here’s how to subscribe.


Tai Chi for Cardiac Rehab
A study shows that practice of tai chi is good for rehab after a heart attack. An article about it also states ”…it is necessary to have a trained [tai chi chuan] leader…”



“Until you’re ready to look foolish, you’ll never have the possibility of being great.” – Cher


Update – Upcoming Seminars
Details on my page at
Nov 14 No. Dartmouth, MA (New Bedford) Lance Soares
Dec TBA Holden, MA and Manchester, NH   Steve White
2016 – March – Germany
See John Sepulveda’s schedule at

Kenpo Senior Conference
April 30- May1, 2016! Steve White and I are working on the location (again) for the 2016 conference. Details to come.


Ed Parker video
Steve White sent this along. It has some interesting footage from the 60s.


“You learn you can do your best even when it’s hard, even when you’re tired and maybe hurting a little bit. It feels good to show some courage.” – Joe Namath



Blog Posts
I post some short articles and updates on my site from time to time that you may find to be of interest. Click on Resources, then Articles and you’ll be in.


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I posted new ones recently on my website in the articles section instead of the iTunes page. I have over 130 to hear with more coming. Hear them at or at


IKKA/Kam IV Status
I’m told there will be a big announcement soon on a very positive development.

Youth Fitness Levels/Stretching
The University of Essex (in the U.K.) reports that youth fitness levels are declining faster than ever, according to an article in the IDEA Fitness Journal, September 2015 issue. It’s attributed to lack of physical activity. You martial arts instructors – keep doing what you’re doing to help stem the tide.
A recent issue also asked trainers if they stretched before class. The wide majority said they do it afterward, when the muscles are warm. Bill “Superfoot” Wallace has been preaching that forever. I used movement from the art as warm-ups and had them stretch at the end of class.

Until next month,

Lee Wedlake