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     October 2009

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Recommended Resource

Unleash the Warrior Within by Richard Machowicz provides some useful tactics for problem solving and adjusting your attitude. What he’s written is based on lessons he learned as a Navy SEAL. It’s not an outstanding book but his thoughts on conquering fear, assessing and prioritizing targets (or life goals), and mastering your weapons (tools/abilities) are worth a read. Published in softcover in 2002 by Marlowe and Co, New York. 194 pages. $14.95 ISBN 1-56924-497-9.


New website resource comingI have been filming steadily for some months now and committing the system to video. I’ll soon be able to offer kenpo students online to instruction on numerous facets of Parker kenpo. So many of you liked the You Tube segments I did that the format will be retained and expanded. I’ve already filmed the Two Man set, Finger Set (with history, applications and theory), an elbow set, an original version of the stance set, and some punching and kicking drills I learned from Mike Sanders back in the 70s. As time goes by you’ll be able to see the Spear Set, Staff Set, extensions, specialized weapons segments and a whole bunch more. I’m excited about it and hope you are, too.


                  “I am always doing things I can’t do – that’s how I get to do them.”
                                                                                    – Pablo Picasso

October 3 – Ft. Myers, FL. Original Stance Set and Elbow Set.
October 17-18 – Esslingen, Germany. Lee Wedlake and Steve White will visit Marc Sigle’s school.
October 24 – Manchester, NH. Manchester Karate Studio 25th anniversary seminars with Lee Wedlake, Steve White, Ronnie Martin and Richie Bernard, Jim Peacock and judo player Ms. Chandler. 603-625-5835






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New website layout

My website will soon have a new layout. Thanks to Tom Fanelli in California for all the work that goes into it.


Tip of the Month
Videotape yourself. Using a mirror is good and nothing beats and instructor helping you but watching yourself on tape can be invaluable. Like they say, the camera doesn’t lie. I used one extensively, way back when the technology was new. It was a black and white camera – color was too expensive then. But I saw myself doing stuff that I could then correct and integrate.

   I have found that some students actually resist or resent the instructor corrections and don’t believe they are making the mistake the instructor wants to correct. They apparently use the body feedback and think they’re in the right position when they are not. And seeing it on film gets the message across. Some schools use it regularly and even will film your private lessons as part of the lesson, usually for a charge. Video helps.

Members Only update 
Be a rap artist, a technical article on the chopping knuckle strike added to the site. More of the Ed Parker studio handouts were posted, too.      
     When you join the Members Only section on my website you’ll have access to over 120 historical and technical articles on Kenpo and more. One constantly expanding section is the Kenpo Instructor’s Handbook. It’s $29/year.

Article published
Dr. Marc Rowe and I had an article on sleeper holds published in the Journal of Asian Martial Arts. It’s in the Sept/Oct issue.Many have noticed that they changed my name in the author bio notes to Allen Lee Wedlake. Why, I don’t know.

             “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” –  Eleanor Roosevelt

Another recommended resource
Amy Long created a kenpo toolbar and says there are about 100 kenpo websites linked into it. See it here. http://KenpoKarate.OurToolbar.com

Coming soon
Marc Rowe, M.D. is a tai chi student of mine. He’s creating a set of vector drawings with commentary on basic body alignments that will be very helpful to anyone in any art. These will be included in this newsletter as they become available.
     In addition, kenpo seniors Graham Lelliott and Gary Ellis have agreed to submit short articles for publication. Both were in the first batch of black belts promoted by Ed Parker in Europe in 1980. Gary resides in Plymouth, England and Graham now lives in Clovis, California.

 See you next month!