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  • This book shows Short and Long One, Short and Long Two.

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     July 2009


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Recommended Resource

The Samurai Leader was given to me by Marc Sigle in Germany. It’s a business book but it contains many lessons distilled from old writings. The author was a CEO of some large companies who had an interest in these teachings and compiled them in a context for business people. That makes it worth a read for studio owners because it couches the lessons in terms we can understand and apply to running our schools.

 The Samurai Leader by Bill Diffenderfer, 2005 by Sourcebooks, Inc. ISBN 978-1-4022-0546-0, $16.95


New video on the wayI am wrapping up production on a Form 5 and 6 DVD. This one is similar in format to my previous form videos in that it shows the forms from four angles and includes variations on ways to do it with timing changes and signature moves. I run the forms at half- to two-thirds speed. Rather than make two DVDs I’m combining the two together and thinking that higher level people will continue to do what they have, which is to buy the DVD and the book to go with it. I’m hoping to have it available in my online store by August.

Austria Camp, July 4-5. Hosted by Mike Haselwanter and Marc Sigle. Be there for the first kenpo camp in Austria! Contact Mike at mikehaselwanter@tele2.at.
August 1st – Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Hosted by Steve Hatfield. Contact him at 740-392-3846 or pksblackbelt@embarqmail.com for details.
August (date TBA) – Ft. Myers, FL. Professional Development Seminar (PDS). Watch my website for information.
Fall – Chicago, IL. Form Six PDS hosted by Kurt Barnhart. Details TBA.
October – Esslingen, Germany. Lee Wedlake and Steve White will visit Marc Sigle’s school.





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Tip of the Month

Extracted from my blog at http://www.leewedlake.blogspot.com/

A research tool

I think it’s important that practitioners get a grounding in anatomy and physiology. A while back Dr. Rowe mentioned to me that there is a section on Google where you can find medical information. Here’s the info.

Lee, the Google engine is Google scholar. You go to Google home page. On the upper left you see “more” – click. You get a list- third down is Scholar- click and you are in business. The engine is a scientific search that is heavy on medical science and a good screen of solid information. You can get actual medical abstracts by launching pub med. Just Google pub med to get home page. It contains all the medical literature. Actually plain old Google has mixed in with commerical stuff some real solid information.

There you have it. Now it’s up to you.

Members Only update 
I’ve added scans of the original IKKA time-in-grade requirements for promotions. In July I’ll be adding documentation that was given to people when they enrolled in an Ed Parker school.
When you join the Members Only section on my website you’ll have access to over 100 historical and technical articles on Kenpo and more. One constantly expanding section is the Kenpo Instructor’s Handbook. It’s $29/year.

Website updatingI constantly update my site and I try to tie it in with my blog. People get a little confused at times when they see something they thought was on the site but it’s on the blog. Both contain different info. Bookmark them both. I’ve been told that the stuff in my blog is “food”, which I thought was interesting, so I try to keep it up. Others tell me they “live in” the members section. The photo gallery changes from time to time also. All those links are on the home page. My webmaster tells me he has a new page look for me but it’s slow in coming so hang on!

 See you next month!