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Lee Wedlake’s Karate Newsletter       July 2014


What’s here?  The Kenpo Karate Compendium, Wonder Valley Kenpo Camp, KenpoTV updates, seminar listings, podcasts,

Happy 4th of July ‘Merica!

The Kenpo Karate Compendium That’s the title of my next book, to be published by Blue Snake books. I’ve been working with the copyeditors and it’s going to be better than the previous books. If you don’t know, it’s a compilation of my Kenpo Karate series. Most of what was in Kenpo 101 is gone but pertinent items will remain and have been updated. The books, Kenpo 201 thru 601, are reproduced with new and more photos, clarifications and chapters are added on the sets as well as Forms 7 and 8. To comply with the author agreement, I had to stop selling 101 thru 601, so if you have one, it’s a collector’s item. There are some schools who bought a bunch before I pulled them, so you might find one somewhere. As of now I have no idea what they will cost and exactly how to get the new book. I’ll broadcast that as soon as I know.

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Kenpo TV Update New videos on Zone Theory have been added. I did one each on the horizontal and vertical zones along with one on the basic Zone of Defense, Outer Rim and Obscure zone. They should all be posted by the time you read this. Short Three seminar video will be up soon, too. Find it in the Kenpo 301 section. I have a list of additional videos that will be shot and posted in the next few months. I’ll be doing some with a GoPro camera so you can see some of the applications from first and second person perspectives.

Online lessons I get a lot of questions so I’ve gotten into the technology being used by many others and now offer private lessons via FaceTime and Skype. It’s been working well and the students are very happy with it. I’m offering blocks of 5 or 10 lessons, each session running about 30-45 minutes. Blocks are $250 and $400 respectively. You determine the subject you want to cover and send me an e-mail with that information so that I can send you a return mail with the lesson notes when we’re done. Set an appointment time and off we go. You can pay via PayPal. And the call is free. This is no substitute for hands-on training but it sure does help. Just to be clear, this is not a way to test and get promoted over the web, it’s supplemental training. Sure wish I’d had this when Mr. Parker was alive.

In the online store Dennis Conatser’s posters are available. You can get “The Colors of Kenpo”, “Kenpo Philosophy 1 and 2”, “Kenponents” and “Self-Defense Archtecture.” I’ve added three books to the store: Todd Durgan’s book, Constituents of Contact Manipulation and Dave Hebler’s How to Survive Encounters of the Worst Kind, on women’s self-defense and Amy Long’s Kenpo Continuum, Vol. 2. I’m running out of t-shirts. I have one Bad Things shirt, three Carpe Testes, several Carpe Jugulum and some seminar your shirts. No XXL, sorry. kenpotv.com/leewedlake/store When ordering, you do not have to create an account or log-in.

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Recent Seminars Covington Karate is located in Covington, LA on the North Shore. Danny Sullivan hosted my seminars for adults and children on May 31st. Everyone got some work on change-ups, the kids did some falling and rolling and the adults got some weapon work.I was in Ft. Myers, FL on June 14th, and taught at Genie Byrd’s Imperial Dragon Kenpo. I used this group as a testbed for a new seminar I created called Skills and Drills. The following weekend I was in Philadelphia at Marc Shay’s American Kenpo. Saturday we had seminars for kids and adults, Sunday was Part Two of my Comprehensive Review series. June 21-22 I taught at Marc Shay’s American Karate in Broomall, PA. It was a packed weekend with a seminar for kids, two for adults and a Comprehensive Review seminar. The adults worked on master keys and I taught my concussions/sleeper holds seminar. The Sunday review got through the first four forms and all the club defenses. Part Three to be scheduled.

California Seminars I’m working up a schedule of seminars in CA later in August after talking with Bob White in Costa Mesa. If you or anyone you know would like to host a seminar while I’m there, please contact me. Weeknights are fine since I’ll be in the state for about a week.

Upcoming Seminars Details on my page at kenpotv.com/leewedlake/seminars-2 September 12-13 Chicago @ Kurt Barnhart October 4 Covington, LA @ Danny Sullivan October 11-12 Austin, TX @ Brian Duffy October 17-19 Germany @ Marc Sigle November 15 Coppell, TX @ Oscar Steele

June Premium Subscriber Article Last month the article was on the Evolution of Terminology.Every month I post a new article for Premium Subscribers. It’s $29/yr and includes access to everything previously published.Here’s a list.https://kenpotv.com/leewedlake/articles/. Here’s how to subscribe.https://kenpotv.com/leewedlake/join-lwks/

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2015 Wonder Valley Camp It’s a eleven months away but people are registered already. Graham and Jaydean Lelliott host a great kenpo weekend in the Fresno, CA area on Memorial Day weekend. Raise your hand if you think you’d like to go to the 2015 event (it’s bi-annual) by going to www.glkenpo.com and click the kenpo camp link. Send Jaydean a message and she’ll put you on the list of interested participants.

WRRBOF I am on the Board of Directors of the World Registry of Black Belts, Organizations and Federations (WRBBOF). It’s run by Barry Moyer in Indiana, whom I have known since the 1980s. The organization non-political and are not a certificate factory. Take a look. http://www.wrbbof.com/

Podcasts I have over 100 to hear with more coming. Hear them at http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=381705015 Bo Luellen’s include Dennis Conatser, John Sepulveda, Sigung LaBounty, Brian Duffy, Doreen Dirienzo, Chuck Sullivan and more. http://www.americankenpotv.com/aktv-the-podcast/

Forty Ways to Less Stress Robert Wallace is one of my 6th degrees. He sends out a free “Daily Dose of Motivation” e-mail. 143 of them! You can get on his e-mail list by contacting him at coachwallace1982@gmail.com He also does a string on stress reduction.

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